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Your Keno Options in a Casino

Some people who don't have access to the Internet to playe keno or who don't want to play keno online go to casinos to place their keno bets. In a casino, they have several options in paying keno.

1. A player's first option is to join the live keno game.

The live keno game is played in a special area designated in the casino only for this game. This casino area is called the keno lounge. In this keno option, you play keno along with other people in the casino who play live keno.

All of the players buy a keno ticket and place their bets for the same keno draw. Just like in playing the bingo or the lottery, because many people are picking different number combinations for the keno game, it is possible that many will have payouts after the keno draw.

As the keno numbers are drawn, the results are being flashed on a monitor so the keno players can see the results.

2. Another keno option when playing in a casino is to play the video keno.

Unlike in the live keno, you play the video keno without the other players placing the bet. Video keno is similar to a slot machine casino game.

In order to pace your video keno bet, you have to insert casino chips or coins into a slot machine. After that, you have to complete the keno ticket that will appear on your screen. After you have selected your keno numbers, the machine draws the winning numbers. If you have a match, your keno payouts will be given by the machine.

Since for both keno options, a computer randomly draws the winning numbers, there is very little advantage of one over the other option.

Whatever type of keno you choose to play, it is best that you choose numbers in patterns because in most cases, the computer follows a certain algorithm in selecting the winning numbers.

Another useful tip in playing keno is to just bet on eight numbers. Betting on eight numbers in keno will just put your maximum payout below the amount in which you have to pay taxes on your keno winnings.

Also, it is best that you keep placing your keno bets on the same number combination until you win. Most keno players use this technique to increase their odds of winning in keno.

Even if you use some techniques, remember that winning keno relies mostly on luck.