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Online Keno: A Very Interesting Casino Game

Playing online keno has similarities with selecting your number for lottery. The online keno game is all about your luck. Either you are a beginner or an experienced player of online keno, the chances of winning is just the same. Online keno is more enjoyable and interesting to play if you know the rules and you are familiar with the different bets of the game.

Learning how to play online keno is very easy. The game must be played on a piece of card that has a field consisting of 80 numbers. To play online keno, you choose numbers (called spots) from the field that you want to bet on, and then wait for the draw to start.

If you are aiming for the huge prize in online keno, you must choose more numbers. But with more numbers, your chance of winning is lessened. In online keno, the draw is electronically done. To properly know online keno, you must learn the various kinds of bets available. The following are the standard bets in online keno.

Playing Straight Tickets - You choose the numbers you desired to bet on the online keno card and wait for the draw. Commonly, only up to 15 numbers are allowed but there are some casinos that allow as many as 40 spots.

Playing Combination Tickets - Some groups of straight bets are combined on one ticket in various ways. Every possible combination represents one unit bet.

Playing Split Tickets - You play two or more games on a single online keno card. You must choose two groups of numbers and then divide these groups using circles or line. Betting for two dollars on every group, your total bet will become four dollars.

Playing Way Tickets - A Way Ticket means you are betting on some groups of numbers on a single online keno card. Way Tickets are the most complex bet in online keno. You will first have to decide about how many number combinations within the group you have selected to wager on. After you have made your decision, you need to compute your bets. The computation will be according to the fractions you place on the right side of the betting field. To know how much will be your bet, just add the numerators.

Playing King Tickets - They are a variation of the Way Tickets. The only difference is that you select some numbers to be your King numbers. You circle the King numbers by themselves and the groups are circled as groups.

If you're good in the numbers game, then online keno may be your casino game. Just know the official rules and bets, and you will find the game very interesting.