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How the Game of Keno Became Popular

The worldwide popularity of the keno game came as a surprise. When it was introduced in America it instantly gained warm popularity that brings an outstanding income to casino operators. The history of the keno game attests that the game did not originate from America.

It was introduced by a Chinese leader named Cheung Leung whose efforts made possible the building of the popular Great Wall of China through the use of the funds taken from the keno game. The keno game was initially introduced among his people in an effort to encourage them to gamble where the generated income from playing the keno game will be used to finance in protecting their place from a raging war.

Because of this profitable undertaking, they manage to succeed in protecting their land and the gambling activities in keno continue to live on among the Chinese people. Chinese immigrants brought the game of keno to America as a form of a Chinese lottery which instantly aroused the interests of the American population.

From a Chinese lottery game, the game of keno became popularly known as Horse Race Keno in order to deter the loopholes against gambling during those times. Later on as many States allowed the legalization of gambling, casinos saw the potential of the keno game as part of their regular casino games.

Through casino establishments, the game was simply called as keno and it gained wide popularity among gamblers worldwide. The game is simple to play with similarities on playing the lottery. Anyone can easily understand the game's concept even if it is their first time to play.

The game of keno is played using a keno ticket which displays numbers from one to eighty. The keno player needs to choose their 15 winning numbers by marking it with a crayon or a marker. Some casinos allow their players to bet of up to 20 numbers. This is commonly seen in the video keno version of the keno game.

The marked cards are then given to a keno operator or a keno runner to have it punched to formalize the bet of a keno player. Numbers from 1 to 80 are represented by a ping pong ball with the numbers printed on it which are drawn through a blower. The air coming out from the blower mixes the ping pong balls until 20 numbers are randomly drawn. The drawn numbers are then shown in a keno board that is quite similar as those seen from lottery boards.

Because of the simple way of playing the keno game more players are enticed to play it in casinos. Moreover through the Internet, an online keno game can also be played with its video keno version which significantly expanded the access coverage to play the game worldwide. Hence no doubt that the keno game earned merit to become popular with its colorful history and the fun of playing the game of keno.