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For the Love of the Game of Keno

The game of keno is a very well known game. It is played almost everyday by a lot of people in the United States. But the game did not originate in the U.S. Keno can traced its roots from ancient China. The game has a long and colorful history which also shows the benefits that the Chinese people received from keno. It is made by Cheung Leung.

Through the profits made from the game, he wanted to support the soldiers in their town to have arms and other materials to fend off an attack. He succeeded in his goal and the game started to become more popular in other villages. It was first known as "White Pigeon".

The main reason why is that a pigeon acts as the "delivery man" of the results of the game to the different villages in China. But the "White Pigeon" game was not based on numbers at that time. It was based on Chinese poem called the Thousand Character Classic. The game was later introduced in the United States by Chinese residents who immigrated in America.

The name of the game was then changed to Chinese Lottery and latter on, Horse Race Keno. It was called Horse Race Keno to cover up that it is a numbers game, which is illegal at that time. Keno is considered to be a game of chance. It is also an easy game to play. Keno solely relies on numbers. It can also be played with a single ticket or in the keno board like when you are playing online keno.

There are about eighty numbers on a card. Players can mark the numbers of their choice which should not exceed 15. Players usually just choose ten numbers. The cards are then given up for a copy along with the punched numbers. In a lot of casinos that offer keno, the wagering is done after you choose the numbers while in other casinos the amount of money that you wager should be decided before choosing the numbers.

The result of the game is then determined by the ping pong balls that have the numbers one to eighty. The balls are then mixed with air. 20 numbers will be drawn and showed in the Keno board. You can then check out if your numbers are drawn or not.

The more numbers that you have match, the bigger the winnings. Compared with other casino games, there is no technique needed in keno. But some players still try to make their own technique. A lot of players believe that the keno gaming machines shows new numbers on the opening of the facility.

They are under the false belief that since the keno machines are shutdown at the end of every gaming night, the machines will start fresh every morning. Picking through these myths, players should remember that the money a players wins in the game is different from each casino facility.

If you are playing online, it will depend on the keno software. The amount of numbers that players are allowed to picked and mark with a crayon or pen is also different from each casino.