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Why Players Pick Keno?

The game of keno is one of those casino games that you can develop a love-hate relationship. There are two variations of keno, the live keno game and the video keno game. The live type of keno can be very enjoyable but it is not usually featured in most casinos.

Normally, you will find a lounge designated for live keno placed in some quiet corner of casino facilities that offer the game. Whether you are enjoying live keno or the video keno version, it is played with the same rules. It is very easy to play. It bears a strong similarity to the lottery but offers better probability and smaller payout.

You should be aware that the game of keno offers a big casino advantage. But if you want to win a large sum of money in an instance, then keno is the game for you. Keno features eighty numbers. If you are participating in a live keno game, it will used balls similar to the balls use in ping pong, like in the lottery.

On the other hand, the video keno version, utilizes an RNG or random number generator to produce the numbers in a non-specific order. The numbers will be then shown on the keno board. The board is composed of top half and a bottom half. The top half shows the numbers one to forty and the bottom half shows the numbers forty-one to eighty.

To begin the game, you must choose one-twenty numbers that you want in your keno ticket. The more numbers that you choose in your ticket, the bigger the cash payout, but the possibility of winning in the game will go down. When the number that you have picked comes up during the draw, then it is called a "catch".

Casinos also have different payouts like they may offer players a good payout for an eight spot game but a bad payout for a three spot game. You can also bought a ticket for several games and leave to do something else. You do not have to stay in the lounge and keep an eye on the game. You also do not have to fear that you will miss something when you leave the keno lounge.

Aside from that, if you are playing a six spot game, the casino will likely give you a refund if you get three of the numbers that you have marked. The only exception to these rules is that if you are playing a two spot.