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The Challenge of Keno

Luck plays a big role in keno. It is up to you on whether to use some keno strategy while you are playing. Keno is so popular because it has a large jackpot as much as thousands of dollars for just a single dollar wager. But keno presents a huge risk especially with new players because it has an edge of twenty five percent.

In order to correctly play the game, you need to be good in calculations. There are systems and references that details different systems for doing well in keno. The problem with this strategy in an online casino or land-based casino is that it takes a lot of time to read all of these things especially during a game.

Majority of casinos have only a 5 minute period between games or even lesser. There are different strategies that you can use in the game. The chasing the old man strategy is often used in roulette. But you can also use it in keno especially if you have seen the same pattern of numbers coming up as results, then you should wager on this pattern numbers.

But do not get complacent to think that this is a sure fire way to win in the game. There is a 50%-50% chance that this set of numbers will not come up again or will come up 50 games later. Another usual strategy is that betting on the numbers that never popped out. The theory behind this strategy is that this numbers will come up in no tie at all.

But again, there is no sure way that this strategy will help you all the time. Some gamers even wager on other player's losing keno ticket. Another strategy that you can use in keno is by getting the point spread of your ticket.

Divide the ticket into two and picked out the number in the lower portion of the keno ticket and the other half of the ticket in the upper portion. This will permit you to get more numbers if you just used the numbers in the upper portion of the keno ticket and do not used the lower portion.

The downside with this strategy is that it is only a way to scale down your monetary losses. The probabilities are quite small that you will get a large jackpot with 6 digits if you choose this way because the probability that three of those winning digits will be on the lower portion of the ticket and the other three digits in the upper portion.

Like all references, the World Wide Web has brought players closer to the gambling industry. Because of the fast exchange of information, players can research faster on the gambling information they want and can even ask other players about their strategies and how they play a certain game.

Most land-based casino games can also be found on the Web. Players can also download gambling software so that they can practice even if they are in their own home.