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Live Keno and Online Keno

The game of keno is a good game to play especially for beginners in gaming. You can enjoy keno in any Las Vegas casino or even in online casino. It bears a strong resemblance to lottery; keno can traced its beginnings in China and was introduced to the U.S. by immigrants seeking a better life in 1800.

One of the reasons why it is advantageous for you to play keno is that it is very easy to game to play and enjoy. It can also be easily found in every casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City and even in online site. Keno bears a strong similarity to Lottery and can trace its beginnings in China. Immigrants from mainland China introduced the game in the U.S. in the 1800's during the railroad boom.

One of the reasons why you should play keno is the good payout. Majority of online casinos on the Internet, feature a one dollar opportunity that can earn you a $50,000 dollars jackpot. The rules and regulations of the game are very similar with lottery. There are no cards needed in the game of keno, which is considered to be a game of pure luck.

You can either get four numbers or ten numbers, which are classified as spots in order to take home some money. You can choose from one to eighty. Your game will be based on how many spots that you have chosen. Like if you choose six numbers, the game that you are playing is an eight spot keno.

The numbers for each game are randomly generated and the winners are decided by how many digits that you are able to guess correctly. In some instances, like during a ten spot keno game, the cash payouts are given even if you are unable to match any of the winning numbers. If you are familiar with the game lottery, then playing keno will be a piece of cake for you. There are two choices on how to play the game.

In most casino facilities in the Las Vegas strip, there are gaming lounges that are specifically for keno. Keno boards, which are giant screens are put up in the gaming lounge and displays the results for each game. Casinos that offer keno hold games every 10-20 minutes. For gamblers who want to join the game outside of the gaming areas, casinos in Las Vegas have keno screens all throughout the facility to show the results and keno runners are available to collect your ticket and give your money.

Knowing how the game works means that you are fully aware on what is going on. Video keno is usually available on online casinos. Video keno is like land-based keno except for the fact that you do not have to wait for the next game.

You can play as many times as you wish to. The cash payouts for video keno can be as big as $100,000 dollars on a single dollar wager.